Tina Rousse

20 October 2016

The top 3 social media content we crave

How many social media profiles do you currently have? That’s an easy one. And which content drove your attention lately? Mmmm…well, you might go silent for a few minutes before actually remembering any. Hold that thought.

It’s true that social media is the fastest path to cross if you want to communicate updates about your brand. We are exposed everyday to countless posts from all business types. Yet, which content will actually strike you, and become memorable?

This challenge most brands struggle to overcome is exactly why I wrote this article. If your target audience is active on social media, you need these top 3 social media content we crave. You will actually get from the online community what you want: leads! So, let’s go through it.


1.    Content that tells us a story
Contrary to popular thinking, kids aren’t the only ones who enjoy a good story. We all look forward to watch that next blockbuster movie, read that future best-selling author book, or that famous businessman biography. A good story is what makes anything stand out from the crowd, because we are all unique. In a word, it makes it memorable. So, what’s your brand’s story? Remember, you have to be genuine in order to be credible and get the online community to engage with you. Don’t be afraid to share your failures, it’s always your down moments that will teach you the best lessons to grow better! 

Write down your story, divide it into several turning point steps, each one with its lesson learned. You will be drawing an inspiring calendar with exiting posts that your online audience will always be looking forward to. 

2.    Content that gives us positive and inspiring vibes
Positivity is the undeniable communication approach that sells. That’s what people need, in this daily online environment where news of violence, injustice and natural catastrophes from all around the world are shared on daily basis. That’s what your online audience needs, because hope is the first thing that keeps us from giving up in front of problems. Hope and positivity are two powerful emotions that will always drive people towards your brand, if it embraces this type of social media content.

Work on quotes and tips related to your brand, using your own experience and tone of voice. It’s more professional than using “ready-made” citations from the net, which were and will probably be used again and again by other brands. 

3.    Content that reminds us of the forgotten “basics”
Nostalgia of the old times is the new black: grandma’s recipes, connections with nature. We spend the day running from one meeting to another and sitting long hours behind our laptop, while at he same time virtual exchanges are replacing human contacts. Our need to disconnect from the modern world and focus on essentials has become trivial. And it’s this precise craving, which brands can use to build engaging content with. It can apply to any field of business you’re into. 

Propose all sorts of ideas related to “getting back to roots” and recharging your batteries. It’s important to note that not everything on your social media pages has to be directly related to your brand. Your fans might fell you’re too pushy or sales oriented, which will bore and drive them away.


I’m delighted to have shared these top 3 social media content we all crave. It will certainly boost your online community engagement, better than any classic social media content!

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