Tina Rousse

13 October 2016

How to use relationship marketing creatively to build ambassadors for your brand

Social media makes us believe that there is no use for relationship marketing anymore.

With Facebook posts, YouTube videos, Instagram collaborations with fans and followers liking, sharing and commenting everyday – why should anyone bother investing in a discussion live with a customer anymore? That’s the famous communication trap we all fell into at one point or another.

Through 3 creative relationship marketing ideas, we will discover step by step how to build ambassadors for your brand, who will potentially turn into long-term customers. Ready? Let’s dive in.


1.    Select a venue that your target audience isn’t used to in business

You want to meet with your audience, in one to one or in small group, but you want to make sure they will respond to your invitation. Where are they usually invited? If corporate dinners and classic business lunches are redundant for them, you wouldn’t want to be just another number on the list to whom they might not even listen. I highly advise that you do some research about your guests before selecting the relationship marketing venue: maybe there is a place they like particularly where you could meet; or maybe they could be invited to your headquarters where you would transform the conference room in a lunch experience. 

At the end, everyone wants to feel special. Personalization is the first winning step towards creative relationship marketing.

2.    Find out your target audience interests and bring it forward 

Also, there are countless times where people ask to meet a potential ambassador for their brands (VIP customer, retailer, blogger, etc.) and they don’t have a clue about their interests. So they spend the meeting with generic topics ending up talking only about…their own business goals! Your potential ambassador has hobbies or cultural preferences; make it a point to include it in the gathering: search for a special book’s edition of his favorite author; host a dinner with his favorite meal as a main course; and if it’s a small group, book a live cooking lunch with a famous chef who will invite each attendee to tailor made their main course with their favorite ingredient. 

When potential ambassadors don’t feel appreciated genuinely, they won’t invest themselves in spreading word-of-mouth for you. You didn’t really care about what they like, they will treat you just the same.

3.    Ask your target audience to share their opinion through an unexpected activity 

Then, if you want your potential ambassadors to feel valuable, ask for their opinion about an important matter related to your brand, as long as you listen carefully and respond with your own feedback about their ideas in return. To have a better impact, it is highly advised that you involve them in an unexpected way: ask an expert with a fun personality to host a short brainstorming session; invite your attendees to vote for each other’s suggestions. Every time the majority isn’t in favor of one idea, its author will have to drink a vodka shot!

Don’t be afraid to have fun in business, this is when you can get the closest with your target audience. Just keep it within the limits of social rules, and you will be fine.


Last but not least, you want to work within your budget. Make the necessary phone calls to optimize your relationship marketing strategy, but don’t lose the creative part on the way. You’re ready to build your network of ambassadors, and you know what the best part is? It’s very rewarding to experience new bonds with people.

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