Tina Rousse

15 September 2016

Creative ideas for a unique and added value CRM program

Fidelity cards are everywhere: your supermarket, bookshop, favorite shopping mall and even dry cleaning. But the question is: which ones are you willing to keep?

Let’s be realistic here: your wallet isn’t Mary Poppins’ bag. There is a limited quantity of loyalty cards you can squeeze in there. Priority will inevitably go to your ID card, money and credit cards. Not much room left, right?

That’s why you need the following creative ideas to build a unique and added value CRM program. I’m not saying you should not link it with purchasing conditions. But you have to give your customer emotional reasons to hold on to you, for long-term business sustainability. Let’s go through it together, I’m sure you’ll pick up at least one that you will find just perfect for you! 


1.    Give an experience, not a discount

We’re invaded everyday with direct marketing (sms, newsletters) offering rebates upon minimum purchase. So stop and think three times before doing so! Customers want a relationship with your business. They are saturated by announcements lacking content, especially with brands over-communicating on social media platforms to their audience (not necessarily the right one…). If you want your customers to pay attention to you, you will have to listen to their need: an emotional bonding through a meaningful experience.

Organize a pop up exhibition twice a year at your store, with loyalty card advantages. Hold a treasure hunt during the month of Christmas. Invite your cardholders to meet with famous designers, and to enter a draw for a day with one of them.

2.    Offer limited edition gifts

Limited edition gifts are always a good choice in CRM program rewards, as long as they are in line with the brand’s concept and answer to a specific customers’ desirability. Brainstorm about your brand’s mission and values. Think about what would make your clients happy. What moves you in your brand’s story will most probably touch them too.

Invite your top cardholders’ kids for a mother’s day gift workshop with a famous artist, upon minimum purchase. Develop collectible personalized gifts upon purchase between one season and another. Offer an exclusive box of chocolate in partnership with a renowned pastry chef.

3.    Propose rewards from partners who have the same target audience as yours

The purpose of a CRM program is to increase the average purchase basket per customer, but also to recruit new potential ones. Dig deeper into your target audience, and find out what other interests they have beside your brand. Get in touch with partners who offer these services and hold the same standards as yours. It will enrich your program by proposing a very rewarding experience, showing your customers that you actually care. Your partners will leverage the communication for your brand at their premises too, an initiative which will enable you to recruit new potential cardholders.

Offer a dinner at a fancy restaurant if you sell home appliances. Give concert tickets if you sell music instruments. Propose SPA sessions for two upon minimum purchase, if your shop is a destination for Valentine’s Day.

4.    Surprise occasionally with a buzz worthy effect 

Social media is a very powerful mean for a story to go viral, as long as it has a strong emotional effect. And a great way to spread the word-of-mouth around your CRM program is to have your cardholders talk about it. Make it a point to reward once or twice per year one of your loyalty card members, in an unexpected way. You will encourage many to enroll in your program, once they witness the surprising effect online.

Announce live on Facebook the lucky winner of a trip to Bali, for being the 10000th customer to ask for your loyalty card. Offer your best loyalty card spender his portrait, with a picture posted online live next to the artist himself. Organize a dinner for your top 5 loyalty card members and surprise them with personalized gifts, while filming there reactions live.

5.    Involve your loyalty cardholders in the program

Now that you’ve applied the above ideas, it’s time for your loyalty cardholders to give testimonials about your loyalty program exiting experience. Invite them to share it through online videos, which you can shoot at your store premises. They are turning into your brand ambassadors over a sustainable CRM program period, and would be more than happy to talk about it.

Depending on where your target audience is, you can post the testimonial videos on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Your customers will be answering to: “What makes your loyalty card an experience with us?”


Whether you’re planning on launching or revising your loyalty scheme, the creative ideas I just listed above will help you build a unique and added value CRM program.

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