Tina Rousse

08 September 2016

Marketing and work tips from P&G that will make you stand out

There’s something surreal about working with international business giants – especially when you find yourself applying marketing and work tips they taught you throughout your entire career.

Let’s say you move from one company to another every 4 years, and you get that amazed look from your new colleagues when they found out where you’ve been and how you can improve the work productivity or environment with the same impactful tips, over an over again. 

That’s why I’m going to share some of the best marketing and work tips I’ve learned from one of the biggest companies of all times, Procter & Gamble. I’m sure many of you will find it useful, so don’t hesitate to apply it to stand out!


1.    Emotions are very powerful to influence customers and win sales

When I was 22 years old and newly assigned as a brand manager for P&G at one of their distributors’ headquarters, I hadn’t even finished my probation period that I was already asked to organize the launch of Lacoste Pour Homme. Before P&G acquired it, this brand was an oldie wore by my grand parents generation – no retailer wanted to hear from it anymore. I was the only one to believe in it, because P&G convinced me to: during the novelties seminar in Geneva, their marketing teams made a phenomenal entrance with a real crocodile as a mascot! Distributors from all around the globe were astonished, eager to hear about what was this new Lacoste about. P&G had their attention – and that was the purpose, they were now open to this new turning point in the history of the brand. A storytelling about Lacoste’s milestones in history was told, bringing the brand’s essence in the room to life again. And the cherry on top: the completely revamped brand identity with Lacoste Pour Homme naked model TV advertising followed by the model appearing himself on stage! Building on these series of surprises and excitement, I replicated a similar scenario (excluding the naked model!) locally to retailers during an event. I wanted to be the influencer in changing their brand image perception, focusing on communication skills. We were out of stock 24 hours later! 

We don’t like to talk about emotions at work. And yet, in a world where customers are invaded by communication through inbound and outbound marketing, a difference must be made. What moves you? Adapt it in a marketing initiative around a brand. That’s the difference only YOU can make.

2.    Trust is essential to make the work environment more productive

If you work as a distributor with budgets, I’m sure you already had to gather every quarter all invoices related to the brand(s) you’re managing, make a copy, summarize it all on excel with a reference number for each, send it through a mailing service to the mother company and wait till all invoices were validated before spending further. And if you had 14 brands like me, you can imagine the time wasted! But I had to do it, just like all my other colleagues for other brands did. I remember when P&G called me after I had duly sent them all invoices details: “Do you think we have time to go through your encyclopedia?! You’re sending proofs of spending? If we didn’t trust you, you wouldn’t be our distributor in the first place!” That was a productivity lesson I have never forgotten.

I know that we can’t ask all worldwide companies to act like P&G on that precise point, but you can use trust to make your teams more efficient at work. Forget the micromanagement, which is nothing less but demotivating, and embrace the true leadership with the right balance between control and trust.

3.    Salespeople are the best ambassadors of any long-term marketing initiative success

It is common to hear that marketing and sales never made a good match. Sales teams often find marketing teams unnecessary to achieve their targets, while marketing teams qualify sales teams as too limited in their approach and not eager to learn more. P&G believes that it is the marketing department duty to bring any brand concept to life through creative marketing trainings tailor-made for salespeople. Whether hosting it for Valentino V fragrance at an Italian venue with a magician, a psychic, and a renowned dancer; or experiencing the vitality of Lacoste Touch of Pink through a day with beach activities; I’ve done it all. During the trainings, salespeople were asked to come out with creative taglines to catch the customers’ attention and were assigned role-plays in different critical scenarios where they had to solve crisis with customers.

The purpose is to convince genuinely and give the sales teams enough tools to tell the brand story with a positive speech to customers. If you make them feel special by involving them significantly in the marketing success mission, they will give it back a hundred times more in sales increase!


I have shared with you some of the best marketing and work tips from P&G that will make you stand out, and how to implement it for a significant change. 

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