Tina Rousse

15 May 2017

3 powerful ways to earn your customers trust

Companies with amazing customer relationships are able to grow their businesses without tricks. You have to be professional, but having a really prosperous business is based on one simple model: trust.

With trust, you’ll have customers for a lifetime. Without trust, you may as well close for good.

Building trust takes time and a lot of work. But is completely achievable if you work on three of your most vital core abilities: service, consistency and transparency.


1.    Service is huge

When customers trust a brand, they will most likely refer it to others and will keep using that brand regularly. While hardly anyone talks about the time you were exceptional with a customer, you’ll definitely hear from the unhappy ones if you provided a product that didn’t do what you promised.

Gaining a customer’s trust begins with remarkable service. How would you like to be treated yourself? 

There will be periods when you’ve tried your best and can’t seem to make any improvement with a specific issue. But you want to work for receptiveness, timeliness and topped expectations.

2.    Consistency is coherence

Consistency goes together with delivering great service. From a business perception, consistency relates to each trait of what you do:

  • Your workforces should offer equal levels of service
  • Armed with the required tools, your sales team should answer questions similarly
  • You should keep going with your products and services, rather than frequently switching your concepts to try new schemes
  • You should come out with significant measurement to establish whether something is working. If it isn’t feasible, you should plan a strategy to make modifications

From a leadership viewpoint, consistent performance shows teams what you expect from them. 

3.    Transparency is strong

Transparency is an additional competency that should come intuitively. Yet so many brands have trouble figuring out what it really means.

Customers know when you’re telling the truth or when they are being lied to. If you’re honest, they’ll value and respect you more when you admit to an error, rather than playing smart or even worse, eluding the subject completely.

Don’t try to cover up your mistakes. Talk about the problem openly, explain how you will solve it and communicate what measures are being taken to avoid the errors from happening again. To implement transparency efficiently, start acting the first. Your teams will look up to you more.


Gaining customers for life is more about them expecting you to deliver on your promises. It requires hard work but in the end, it will pay off with repeat business and more referrals.

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