Tina Rousse

28 April 2017

What comes first, website or social media?

When we chat with clients about marketing their business online, the following questions usually pop up: Should I develop a website? How major is a website vs. social media? Should I launch a Facebook Page instead?

Social media deserves all the attention. We use it as part of our own marketing, and we're undeniably getting leads and positive results from it. Why would you want to work on a website that is costly when you could just launch social media pages for your business for free?

Social media can be amazing. But it shouldn't come first. When you're founding your business online, you need a solid website when it comes to defending the reliability of the brand and the relationships generated.


Why the website comes first?

1.    You own it

With social media, there's the permanent problem of ownership. Let’s suppose your content belongs to you now, there's no promise that they'll still be saying that tomorrow. They can revise their Terms of Service to something unusual whenever they want, without notice.

You’re at the mercy of the landlord. If they don’t want your business in their shop anymore, then you’re now out of business until you locate a new place. If they choose not to open up one day, your business can’t reach its clients and your revenue will be affected.

Eventually, you're just "renting" an area on social media platforms. A website is a permanent home for your brand. The modifications in someone else’s business won’t disturb whether you stay in business or how much it will cost to stay in business. 

2.    Your tailor it to your needs with a distinctive identity 

Sure, you can tailor your social media profiles. At the end of the day, however, you're still seeing a Facebook Page or a Twitter profile.

With a website, you have much more possibilities. Everything, from the color pattern to the design, is exclusively yours. You can undoubtedly distinguish your online marketing from that of a competitor.

In addition to design restraints, there are functionality restraints that come with social media platforms. On Facebook, you could twist the features and functions through the use of apps. Yet, you have to use what's already existing in the App Center. Instead, you could work with an app developer to build a new app. But then you have to worry about taking on the extra cost. 

With a website, you work with your designer to guarantee everything meets your terms. The basic functionality is in place, saving you time and money in the future.

3.    You’re the host 

A social media page is a great place to interact with current and potential clients. But at the end of the day, you're only boosting that site with its business. You're driving traffic to Facebook; you're increasing the numbers of visitors on Twitter.

Some social media sites make it hard to pull relationships offline. After all, when you take it off their site, they lose power, information and no longer possess the relationship. When was the last time you transferred your Facebook friends as contacts? 

By concentrating your efforts on your website, you turn into the host. You catch all the visitors, then you have 100% control of your spot.

Use social media as a marketing platform to drive traffic back to your website. Use that traffic to develop your email list so you can connect with them anytime, anywhere. 

4.    Social media platforms aren’t lasting forever

The social media world is very unstable. The list of sites that have collapsed goes on and on. And while Facebook and Twitter have durability, that doesn't secure they'll be around eternally. 

If you rely only on a social media platform as your home for online marketing, you risk losing it all if that service collapses.

Your website is a steady, permanent place. It will still be there when you wake up the next day.


At the end of the day, it’s much cleverer to capitalize on something you own than to build on a platform that isn’t yours. This is why we highly advise to our client’s that they invest in a website that they own and then benefit from social media to reach new audiences and grow their business.

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