Tina Rousse

15 March 2017

How to draw your brand vision in 5 easy steps

"Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare." - Japanese proverb. Here you are after celebrating the opening of your new boutique, or about to change your business strategy, wondering what to do next and how to make sure it’s aligned with your brand.

If your challenge is related to awareness, you’re probably wondering where and what you should communicate. If you’re struggling with sales, you’re maybe thinking of running a coherent promotion that doesn’t jeopardize your image. Making the right decision, what a nightmare! Unless… 

If marketing strategies evolve every year based mainly on economic climate and sales results, what remains consistent over time is your brand vision. It’s your dashboard, and the ultimate reference to revert back to, whenever there’s an action to be conducted. It keeps you from losing customers by avoiding mixed messages. We’re going to share now with you 5 easy steps to draw an effective brand vision.

1.    Target – Who is interested by your brand?

If you’re selling ice to Eskimos, you already lost in advance. You can’t sell a product or service that no one needs. A business idea has a full potential to succeed when it’s built out of a passion. A passion that often speaks to others too, which we define as our target audience. In this first step, ask yourself these questions: 

How old are they?
Where do they live?
How much do they earn?
Outline as many demographic features of your ideal client as you can.

2.    Relationship – How does your brand network with them?

We’re all humans driven by emotions. There are ways to be found enabling us to interact and get the target audience’s attention. Remember that you’re not alone in this noisy world. In this second step, grab your pen again and answer these questions: 

With regard to your topic, what does your target audience want?
What do they need?
What will be their biggest objections to doing business with you?
Find out everything that makes them trigger about your brand.

3.    Character – What is your brand persona? 
Your brand’s character reflects in its branding, i.e. tone of voice, advertising, packaging, etc. You define it based on the added value you’re proposing and on the above relationship. There are several questions to answer in this third step:

If your brand was a person, how would you describe him/her?                                                           
Which personality trait makes him/her irresistible?
How would him/her emphasize on him/her qualities, and not be sabotaged by him/her flaws?
Think of how you would bring to life the person behind your brand.
4.    Development – How does your brand need to change? 
You might not have invented electricity, but you surely have something to propose differently. The world is filled with opportunities for everyone. Think that there are over 7.4 billion people on earth and that each of them is unique! And so are businesses. It’s time now to ask yourself the following questions:
Is your brand a leader or a follower?                                                                                         

Does your brand see the problem the same way competitors do?
Does your brand see the solution the same way competitors do?
Figure out how far you can push your brand.
5.    Benefits – Why do people find your brand to be appealing? 
No one launches a business for the short-term. We all have dreams of long success stories that will resonate over time in people’s minds. It’s the fifth and last step to tackle with these questions:  
What does your brand do at a high level?                                                                                  

What does your brand understand about the problem, solution and/or user that other dealers don’t?
What is the impact on the business?
Consider how sustainable your business is over time.

With these 5 easy steps, your will draw a cohesive brand vision that will allow your business to grow sustainably! 

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