Tina Rousse

22 February 2017

How to plan a successful outdoor campaign

The launch of a new brand or product, the opening of a boutique, a blockbuster event coming up are all reasons to plan an outdoor campaign. You have the budget, but no idea how to spend it wisely.

Should you spread the campaign widely? Would you develop different messages in one visual? How can you guarantee that the reach will be high, when often there are no metrics?

Without any further delay, I’m going to list 3 main notions to go through every time you’ll need to book an outdoor campaign.


1.    Location, location, location

Having trouble selecting the regions and places to advertise in? Start by answering the following questions: where is my target audience? If you’re a flower shop in the city, it makes no sense to plan a campaign in the suburbs. If you’re a whisky brand, look for outdoor panels in nightlife areas. How do I know which spots to select within a selected region? Look for the ones located near traffic lights as a priority. Your potential customers will have plenty of time to spot your campaign. Use many spaces at a short distance from one another, for a subliminal effect. The more your message is viewed, the higher the impact. Choose qualitative networks in terms of quality and maintenance, for your brand image would be affected otherwise. 

2.    Timing is everything

If you’re launching a fashion brand and the sales season isn’t over yet, would it really be a good idea to plan an outdoor campaign at the exact same time? Not really, because customers’ focus would be to seize the good deals of the moment, not a new comer in town. You won’t be able to create space in their minds because it’s set on something else. That’s how many marketing campaigns miss their purpose. So make sure to choose the right time for it.  

3.    Attention everyone! 

When driving, you hardly have few seconds to read a billboard message. The advertising campaign should hence follow certain guidelines: magnify the brand/product itself using a model or certain photography perspective; make a strong color and/or visual statement to quickly catch the eye; write your text in the same alignment; pay attention to the font size which should be easily read from a distance; communicate one message only; use very few and impactful words. You have few seconds to make your brand communication memorable. Bring it out now!


With these 3 steps, your outdoor campaign’s success will be just around the corner! 

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