Tina Rousse

07 December 2016

3 tricks to write a good story about your brand

How can we still remember our childhood stories? I mean after all this time, after everything that we've been through all these years to become the persons we are today, we can still...remember it. How? Simple. Because they made us feel. 

There's nothing like a good story, full of emotions, to make your brand memorable. Imagine high quality followers or potential customers, turning into valuable clients then ambassadors buying your products/services, just loving the copywriting in your posts, emails, articles, pitches, brochures. Do I need to list all online/offline places where good copy is vital?

Now you may ask: "How can I write a good story about my brand?" I will leave you with three tricks:


1.    Be clear
We tend to think that complex words will convert our target audience into customers. The result is the exact opposite. By trying to sound too smart, we lose the objective.
Q: what’s the objective already?                                                                                                                        
A: to increase our brand awareness and recruit potential customers. Right?  
If your business message needs to be read 3 times to become clear and if it isn’t fluid, it won’t speak to your target audience. They won’t understand it and you won’t make a connection. Use short, simple words and drop the unnecessary. 
2.    Write like you talk
Use your personality. Steve Jobs was known as one of the most emblematic speakers, not because of his knowledge, but because of the way he presented his innovations. He had what we call: charisma. And charisma comes from combining our strong personality traits with a focused speech that speaks to the person in front of us. Personally, I'm known for my lively and humoristic character. I make sure to write about marketing with it!
3.    Give people what they want
Hook them with valuable content. What’s important to you might not be relevant to them. When writing about our business, we are naturally driven towards exposing and spreading widely our knowledge because we want to convince and gain trust. Yet, your potential customers’ concerns should be your main focus. What’s bothering them? How can you help in solving this specific problem? You should be able to listen to their needs and write consequently about it, not obsess over sharing your expertise with earplugs put in.  


I enjoyed a lot sharing these 3 tricks to write a good story about your brand, but it has a major side effect: it keeps your target audience coming back...for more!

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