Tina Rousse

17 November 2016

5 golden rules to gain and keep high quality followers on Instagram

“Your focus determines your reality.” - Star Wars famous quote could've been talking about one major reason behind any Instagram business account success! Ok, let's face it: this algorithm has been making you crazy, but there are golden rules to gain and keep high quality followers.

Think about it: no one can solve the algorithm, and you can’t promote your post on the platform yet. However there are brands, start-ups and even personal profiles still able to attract a very qualitative audience.

So guess what? I'm going to share 5 golden rules that will help you gain and keep high quality followers on Instagram. Ain't that a treat?


1.    “Your focus determines your reality.”

It’s exactly the introduction of this article. Choose a theme for your Instagram business account which you want people to follow you for, and focus on it! Otherwise they will get lost with different posts themes and unfollow you, naturally. 

2.    Provide value 

Provide value to your audience around entertainment, education, and/or insights related to your Instagram business account theme. That's what high quality followers are looking for.

3.    Use relevant hashtags

Use relevant hashtags for your theme, and use all 30 of them if you want to. Forget what you heard about sounding desperate. This number is available to help high quality followers find you, so you might as well use it.

4.    Be consistent

Be consistent and post 1-3 times a day. You can choose to post once every other day, but not less frequently. Else, people won't sense that you're serious and they will unfollow you over time. 

5.    It's not a myth, visuals do matter!

Whether you're taking pictures yourself, hiring a photographer, or using image banks with Photoshop, pay attention to high resolution, colors and the rule of thirds. 



I have shared with you 5 golden rules that will help you gain and keep high quality followers on Instagram. Remember that making a difference while always focusing on your business objective is the key to success.

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