Tina Rousse

27 October 2016

How to build privileged connections with medias

Connections take time to grow into trustworthy relationships. And if you’re thinking that privileged connections with medias are built only through invitations to events and gifts now and then, you’re deeply mistaking.

How about some reverse psychology to give you a more accurate picture? Imagine that you would get in touch with your friends only few times a year. You wouldn’t be present occasionally, treating them all alike. In a word, zero effort would be done from your side. Would they be here for you whenever you need them?

If you feel you’re lacking solid relations with medias, this article will show you 3 ways to build privileged connections with them. Remember to do research about your contacts prior to any of the below initiatives, making sure that they would potentially be interested in your offers.


1.    Involve in the behind-the-scenes process

Are you planning a fashion show, a press conference with an international speaker, a TV commercial with a celebrity? Invite up to five media contacts of your choice to a sneak preview before the big day. Ask for their opinion, share the program, arrange a lounge with champagne and sweets where they will be comfortable watching how the campaign is being shot. Think differently. Think why they’d like to be involved prior to the launch date, and why they would tell their entourage about it. That’s how ideas will pop out.

2.    Give privileges 

Who doesn’t like to have a discount anytime of the year while everyone has to pay full price, or be offered a wine bottle at one of the trendiest restaurants in town? Show your media contacts that you care and grant them advantages that will make them feel special. It’s not about traditional gifts here; it’s about taking time to analyze their lifestyle preferences and how you can make it more pleasant. Some advantages should relate directly to your brand, adding a wider selection of privileges from third parties. Ideally, a loyalty card could be developed to regroup all features. It would help you track its use, and continue to improve it.

3.    Give exclusivities 

Medias look for advertising investments, but for content too. Do you have an exclusive interview to propose with your brand’s new top-notch designer, or a limited edition product story to share? While you might think that it’s always better to have your brand content featured in all media supports at once, you might sometimes choose to pitch it to one key magazine, TV channel or radio station. It’s all related to the strategy behind it, noting that the media selected should give you a consequent coverage: a certain number of pages, or peak time airing. It must be a win-win exclusivity.


I have shared with you 3 ways to build privileged connections with medias. Stay true to yourself, and remain genuine in your approach.

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