Tina Rousse

14 July 2017

Why social media isn’t enough to support your business

Whether the category is services, fashion, furniture, electronics or packaged goods; all types of businesses are using social media to connect with their customers.

30 June 2017

What will the right marketing help you achieve

Imagine launching a new product or a service. It is just as challenging as it may sound. You can only visualize how long your to-do list would be. However, determining your marketing plan is one of…

26 May 2017

How to use experiential marketing to gain clients’

It costs your company less to retain an existing customer than it does to recruit a new one. Despite this fact, only few businesses are very dedicated to relationship-focused marketing. They just…

15 May 2017

3 powerful ways to earn your customers trust

Companies with amazing customer relationships are able to grow their businesses without tricks. You have to be professional, but having a really prosperous business is based on one simple model:…

28 April 2017

What comes first, website or social media?

When we chat with clients about marketing their business online, the following questions usually pop up: Should I develop a website? How major is a website vs. social media? Should I launch a…

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