Tina Rousse

14 July 2017

Why social media isn’t enough to support your business

Whether the category is services, fashion, furniture, electronics or packaged goods; all types of businesses are using social media to connect with their customers.

Recently, an increasing number of businesses have been using social media in order to dominate their industries. Although social media is very powerful, surprisingly it is hardly enough to support your business. 

1.    Human connections will never be replaced

Social media has recently turned into a necessity in marketing. However, social media could never replace human communications. Face to face communication builds trust between you and your customers. As this relationship grows, so does your business. Customers need to know there are people behind the business, rather than just reading through their screens about the services or products they are interested in. 

2.    Social networks change

If you are using social media, you will be forced to go by the social networks’ regulations. What if a change occurs in the regulations? Let’s say that the free services are now charged for. It will be difficult to continue your marketing plan as you have originally planned. Another case may be if the social network shuts down. If social media was the only way through which you have been communicating with your customers, what would you do? Therefore, if any change happens on social media, it is necessary to have a backup plan.

3.    Referrals are the most powerful business provider

A recent Nielsen consumer report showed that people are four times more likely to buy a product when it is referred by a friend. Customers are likely to act upon the recommendations of the people they know and trust. Social media does link you to other people who have purchased the product, but would you 100% relate to them? Referrals will always remain as a highly effective, yet inexpensive way to attract new customers.

4.    Not everyone is on social media

Simply, not all your potential customers have social media. In order to target all your potential customers, you will have to create a marketing strategy that does not only communicate through social media. By using the right marketing, you will be able to generate more leads through the use of different sources of communication.


Social media definitely is a necessity, but it is usually used as a support to your marketing strategy. 

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