Tina Rousse

26 May 2017

How to use experiential marketing to gain clients’

It costs your company less to retain an existing customer than it does to recruit a new one. Despite this fact, only few businesses are very dedicated to relationship-focused marketing. They just don’t know what works best to create them.

Experiential marketing gives customers a more accurate perception of your brand and can generate big benefits.  Either customers feel more likely to buy the promoted products, or at least leave these events with a more positive opinion about the brand. 

Every business wants to create that crucial moment when the brand goes from well-known to adopted in the customer’s mind. But before you can secure it, you must set the basis of an effective experiential marketing initiative.


1.    Focus on the ending

Imagine what fruitful experiential marketing would look like for your company. What actions do you need to inspire? Do you want to drive a one-time customer to turn into a permanent brand supporter? By visualizing an ideal happening early, you can better repeat those outcomes in real life.

2.    Identify your audience

Figure out who you want to target. Would your experiential marketing events work for mothers? Understand your audience so you can come out with the right communication for the right public.

3.    Look at your audience’s lifestyle routines

Talk to your clients, and study when they’re most receptive. This will show you whether you want to emphasis your efforts on in-store practices, such as promotional offers, or off-site branding at concerts or fairs.

4.    Define the best tactic to bring your brand to life

Not all experiential marketing looks like marketing — to many clients, these happenings are a place to hang out, have fun, and experiment. You could develop engaging games and experiences in your shop or host a big event and invite everybody to attend. If your priority is quantity over quality, think of gathering a team and doing sampling or offering more information.

5.    Mix your marketing tools

Broadcast your event through social media, TV, and even print media. Collect data on your site and keep the conversation going before and after the event.


Experiential marketing is designed to leave an ongoing brand impression on clients. And with a strategic tactic to experiential marketing, that brand can be yours.

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