Tina Rousse
Tina Rousse
After 13 years gaining expertise in retail and distribution pioneer enterprises, amongst which Fawaz Holding, BHV and ABC, my know-how is placed at the service of your marketing ambitions.

Everyday since September 2002, challenging brands were creatively developed under my leadership to increase their equity, leading to market pull and long-term sales. I have recruited and coached marketing teams, turning them into strategically high-performing professionals in line with each organization’s goals.

Using a comprehensive 360-degree approach adapted to each clientele segment, and along with professional partners, tailor-made marketing consultancy services will be sizzled out to turn the sparks of your brand identity into an efficient strategy.

How exactly, you may ask?

We will take your brand DNA and goals, to turn it into a unique-experience marketing strategy and plan.
We will bring your brand personality to life, using modern and powerful communication
, and help you get it out there!
We will provide you with customized PR initiatives for authentic networking with your
We will create space in your audience's mind and draw online content that serves your
We will come out with genuine and out-of-the-box initiatives, after selecting the
blogger or influencer aligned with your brand goals.
We will trigger emotions through a brand event or promotion, with the right
, in the right people.

It’s our A to Z vision infused with tailor-made and trendy marketing ideas, to trigger your audience just where it's right!
We will help you reshape your products and services marketing techniques, building a brand image which puts the customer’s satisfaction at the center of every initiative.

You got it right, we're simply passionate about it!
Services we provide
Blending analysis with passion, our approach includes all key aspects of today’s utmost marketing requirements.
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  • Marketing Services

    Sharifa Abuizzedin
    General Manager USL
    Exclusive Distributor for Nike

    "We chose Tina for her strong key connections, she also had the ability to quickly understand our needs. She gave a good digital presence for Nike’s initiatives. She was easy to work with, and demonstrated strength in combining different and effective approaches to plan social media and events. She has always a lovely smile. She is always on top of our mind whenever we want to re-initiate our Nike marketing initiatives."

  • Marketing Services

    Mohmad Ali Beydoun
    Founder/CEO of L'ART-QUI-TECTE
    Lebanese Brilliant People's Choice Winner 2017

    "After the training Tina gave with BLC Bank, I felt that we could create a success together specially in using her marketing skills and techniques.

    Her marketing and social media strategy made me realize how to choose my target clients, and avoid repeating my previous mistakes.

    Tina is skilled in absorbing the clients’ strengths and market it in the right direction."

  • Marketing Services

    Fadi El Khatib
    Basketball Legend & Champs UAE Founder/CEO

    "It was a great pleasure for me to work with such an amazing, talented and hard-working person like Tina. I chose her agency for the strategy she put together, and that covered all our weaknesses and crucial points. It made a huge difference, and I wish we didn't face the pandemic as she could have taken Champs LEB to a new level. What surprised me most is the service, follow up, time dedicated for us, the strategy that studied really well my business before taking it over, the friendly relationship with all staff members and directors. Everyone wanted to work with Tina. She became one of my dearest friends."

  • Marketing Services

    Naji Boulos
    Marketing & Communication Consultant
    Head of Dod El Fasad - An EU & USJ project

    "We were looking for a social media agency with a high level of expertise, that has credibility and offers a customized service catered to our needs; an agency that is capable of getting results and with a proven track record. Some agencies use the same social media strategies for all of their clients. This simply doesn't work. We found an agency that offered a personalized experience and understood the spirit of DodElFasad project, created the right contact and approached the best influencers to fight corruption."

  • Marketing Services

    Chirine Nahas
    Nike & Converse Marketing Manager

    "Tina was referred to me by a colleague. After meeting with her and two other agencies, we decided to work with her. We felt that she directly connected with our brands and completely understood the task at hand by diving right into the itty-bitty details of the assignment, while others were still swarming at the surface. It felt that it was going to be easy to deal with her and achieve the results we were looking for; and we were right.

    Our business was fast moving, and we needed like-minded people to directly understand our brands, target audience and the assignments at hand. Tina's diverse Marketing hands-on experience was a major plus for us. She knew how businesses function inside out, was part of cultures like ours in her previous years, so her confidence put us at ease knowing that we were in good hands. I knew she was fully focused on getting things done perfectly and this made my life as a Marketing Manager much easier and my workflow smoother.

    Tina directly turned into more of a friend than an agency. It was so easy to contact her, speak with her casually and get updates as if she became a colleague and part of the company. Somedays, she would just drop by informally for coffee to catch up. Establishing genuine connections is super important for maintaining business, and she stood out in that aspect. "

  • Social Media Workshops

    Sarah Zaghloul
    Marketing Manager

    "Thank you for this amazing workshop. It wasn’t only lectures like others, but mostly examples and exercises that we can apply.

    I chose your agency because I’ve been following you for a long time on Instagram and you frequently give tips and advices with lots of positivity for marketeers. I also read reviews about your work in your highlights and that’s when I decided to try the workshop with you.

    Once I finished the course, I started to reshuffle a little in my business and posted for the first time after our sessions. It made a very big change on my page and I wasn’t expecting that to be honest. Something was missing in my social media accounts and I immediately started seeing results. Finally what surprised me most about this experience with Tina Rousse Consultancy is that the course aligned with my business career a lot and I definitely learned from it, not only listened to some theories. Tina gives the workshop with passion and lots of good and positive vibes which will make you willing to learn and engage more and more.

    I would like to mention that she really inspired me to learn more and pursue my master’s degree. LOVE YOU TINA ! Oh and by way, even after the course I still talk to her and ask for some help and advice which is amazing 😊"

  • Social Media Workshops

    Nicole Said
    Healthcare Entrepreneur

    "I can divide my testimonial in two aspects:.

    First the human side of it, which is you, your positive energy, and smile that is contagious. It is hard to sit and listen to a topic were you know little about, but somehow you definitely make it a part of the experience.

    As for the business side, I have to say I am not a person who is dragged to social media, maybe because most of the content I find is either unappealing or has little sense. And through your workshop I ended up knowing why.

    The road to know how to put it in perspective and use it for a good cause is definitely not an easy road to take, but this workshop draws you the road, gives you the big picture you have to work on to attract the right audience while putting your true values first.

    This workshop is for businesses who are willing to take a step further, in order to grow their community not only the sales.

    Thank you Tina!"

  • Social Media Workshops

    Linda Chaccour
    Positive Psychology Practitioner & Founder of Emerge Coaching

    "I reached out to Tina to help me strategize on ways to grow Emerge Coaching social media presence. Attending her workshop gave me a lot of insights on my WHY, as well as on organizing Emerge social media pillars that I can easily apply to get great results and brand awareness. I gained more confidence and certainty in my plan and I look forward to executing every bit of it. I strongly suggest using Tina Rousse Consultancy if you are looking to grow your business!"

  • University Courses

    Michel Esta
    Photographer & University Professor

    "What surprised me the most in your teaching method is the unending levels of energy that you have and the passion with which you interact with students. I found this to be infectious and have witness and have been part of very stimulating and lively classes."

  • University Courses

    Aya Torbah
    Cosmetic Chemist

    "Growing up, I always knew I had an interest in the marketing and fashion fields. This course did not just meet my expectations, but also motivated me to pursue this field as my future career. When you think about fashion business, it usually means the basic business knowledge, which can be sometimes boring. But this one was different, Tina made it different.

    With all the experience and knowledge she had, she was able to make the course not only fun, but also filled with hands on stories and experiences that made us understand how the real world is and how to properly shine in this field. She made sure to mention any example that comes to her head when discussing any topic. She also helped us enhance our critical thinking, and always challenged us with questions to think outside of the box. All of this helped us so much preparing for our final project. I always had her voice, stories and notes in the back of my head while preparing my project, and felt so confident presenting it knowing that I followed everything she taught us and hoped to make her proud.

    I am forever grateful for Tina, because of her knowledge, friendliness and extreme care to her students, I was able to LOVE this field and decide to move forward with it."

  • University Courses

    Maria Chami
    Communication Assistant at Ministry of Education

    "Tina was exceptional and willing to answer any and all questions throughout the course, also providing such a high-quality class.

    She is a fantastic educator who is very much in tune with attendees’ abilities, allowing to skip or go further into detail regarding different aspects of the class.

    I loved the learning environment she created and I could tell she wanted us to enjoy ourselves and she cared about making us feel at ease. I feel I have a much better understanding of how communication works and have some basic knowledge in Marketing and consultancy. Ms. Tina's experience in many companies encouraged me and pushed me to challenge myself by taking a course that is not my major. However, I would have preferred to focus more on the theory rather than practice."

  • University Courses

    Josiane El Helou
    Communication & Fundraising Officer at SVE/USJ

    "Your course and your teaching methodology are suitable for all students whatever their education, university specialization and work experience.

    You opened my eyes to the importance of healthy, clear and effective communication, whether within an institution or establishment, or in our daily lives.

    It is the basis of the success of the institution, the productivity of its employees and it plays a key role in their well-being.

    You taught me how to put customer satisfaction at the center of a brand’s interest in marketing (business; e-business, …) whether it is a product or service; and that it is an "experience" - satisfactory or unsatisfactory - with the product or service offered."

  • University Courses

    Toni Mrad
    News Reporter & Writer at LBCI

    "Mrs. Tina Rousse is kind, loves to teach, humble, and always helpful. I loved her way of delivering lectures. Her simple explanation of complex concepts and the many examples she gave helped me understand her course. Rousse’s voice is not low nor monotonous. Instead, she is full of energy, and has a way of keeping her class interested in the discussions.

    Mrs. Rousse taught me one of the best courses I have taken during my master's at Saint Joseph University in Beirut. I learned a lot about marketing.

    In a nutshell, a course with Tina Rousse will never get you bored!"

  • University Courses

    Michel Abi Nader
    Information & Communication Officer at USJ Students Orientation Service

    "Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Advertising, I knew pretty much what was waiting for me while choosing my courses for my Master’s. Surprisingly, with Ms. Tina, I revisited some notions but with a more emphasized and technical approach.

    Ms. Tina has an impressive portfolio of professional experience in the Marketing field. Sharing her journey with us seemed to her a huge pleasure, she showed us how much she is dedicated to her vocation. I was immersed by her stories and real case examples.

    Unlike a regular university professor, her method was very interactive. In every session she wanted us to express our creativity and give the best we could.

    I’m sure that I will take good use of her advices for the future of my career."

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